Credit cards (Cc, cvv, shop)
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What countries are your cvv from?
All the cc+cvv provided by our shop are on the main page in the form of an interactive map. All the countries represented in our service are colored in dark-green. If you point on the country, you will see the tip with the number of cvv from the country.

When do you have cc base update?
We are planning to update our base cvv once a week, approximately on Sunday afternoon. There is no information about the number cvv and features of the update beforehand.

How many BINs can I input at a time for a search?
The maximum number of BINs you can search at a time is 200.

What is the cart?
Cart is the menu where you can see cvv you chose after the search at any time. Mind that cvv in your cart are not reserved or gone from the search and are visible to everyone. It is possible that you cannot buy cc+cvv from your cart because someone bought them before you. Every time you refresh the page already purchased credit cards disappear from your cart.

What is the “Status” column in the menu CVV – Orders ?
The “Status” column shows the checking state of the card. There are 5 states:

cvv not checked;
cvv in check process;
cvv valid;
cvv dead;
cvv non-refundable.
If the card is not checked, the default assumption is that the cvv is valid.